Sunday in London

Last Sunday, Emma and I decided that we would wake up early and try and hit up the Duck and Waffle for some breakfast in the clouds. Our dreams were short lived however as we found out Sunday is the most popular day to go up the 40 odd floors when the doorman said at 6am that they were fully booked. We didn't let this dampen our sprits (even if the rain did a little!) and decided to make the most out of our morning, driving around London and looking at the sights.


Glossybox October 2014

October 2014 Glossybox (£10 + p&p)
I have to say, I love a good bit of Warhol-esque Pop Art now and then. This month's Glossybox took it's inspiration from the fabulous movement of bold, cartoon-like prints. Let's see what's inside...


A Weekend in Brighton

Brighton is by far my favourite place to go to escape from London life. A short train trip away and you're greeted with salty air and seaside charm...

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