Top 5: Winter Warmers

Primark Super Cozy Tights - £3.50, Uniqlo Heat-tech long sleeved thermal top - £12.90, Tea, especially Yum Chaa , Cath Kidson Jumper (£70), Socks!
I absolutely love this time of year, but I hate being cold. Here are my top 5 ways to keep snug as a bug in a rug this winter time.

1. Primark Super Cozy Tights - £3.50
I have been buying these for a couple of years now, and I have fallen in love with these tights. I have also put my friends onto these babies, they keep you totally warm so no cold legs when you wear tights anymore! I really don't like transparent tights, the more opaque the better in my books. These tights are totally opaque, long enough for my legs and they have a fluffy fleecey inside! I find after washing these about 10 times, these tend to get a bit bobbly, so I would recommend you hand washing them to avoid the bobbles. Plus for £3.50, how can you go wrong?

2. Uniqlo Heat-tech long sleeved thermal top - £12.90
I have 4/5 of these babies. I wear them under basically everything I own in the winter time, because they keep me toasty and warm, without making me sweat. Infact, everything from the 'heat tech' range I have tried from Uniqlo. I have socks, leggings and many many thermal tops. The fabric is designed to retain heat, but it also releases heat so you don't over-heat, plus the fabric stretches perfectly over your body. I have found that you need to get the tops in your proper size, so they aren't too big, and keep you toasty warm.

3. Tea, especially Yum Chaa 
You will have seem in my November Favorites that I am obsessed with Red Chai tea. I have been drinking at least 2/3 cups of tea to keep me warm in my University house! I adore tea of every kind, I don't think I could have a day without it.

4. Cath Kidson Jumper (£70)
Since I got this for my Birthday I basically haven't taken it off! I wear one of my thermals underneath with a jacket and I couldn't get much warmer. I absolutely adore the design of this jumper and it goes with absolutely everything. I have wanted one of these patchwork jumpers for ages and I think this one is just absolutely perfection.

5. Socks socks and more socks!
My absolute favorite present to receive at Christmas is wooly socks! I have a huge collection, all of which are starting to get a little worn. Hopefully I will get some more this Christmas to keep my feet being toasty warms!

What do you like to do to keep warm in these cold months?
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  1. I agree - fuzzy, thick socks are a must have in the Winter! :)


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