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March Little Things

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I don't ever want to leave Canterbury

I have had such a good month. Every weekend has been jammed packed with sun and fun with my friends. I am looking forward to summer so much now! I cannot wait until my exams are over.. I have some amazing memories from this month.. So here are just a few of them..

One of my most favourite lunches from the month. Sweet potato and tomato pitta with hummus and a side of mango and lime. DELISH!
My fave old lady dog!
Its starting to look very spring like around here!
Happily disguised as something healthy, tastes so good!
Very true in my relationship!
Love family participation in Snapchats!
Love these gals
Bristol night out was so much fun!
So many nachos!
Bubble tea and seasame snaps make the car journey much more bearable!
I have a hummus obsession.
I love this boy.
Best part of my Tuesday.
These are two of my favourite things..
Beautiful day with my beautiful house mate
Spring sunshine in Whitstable.
I'm a proper beauty blogger.. See?
Such a good night with these beautiful people.
Spring has sprung in Canterbury.
I put up a lot of these photos on Instagram, so if you fancy checking mine out, you can right here! Clearly from this month, you can tell my favourite things come in the form of hot chocolate, flowers and my pets! Sounds about right..

Which little things made you happy this month?
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