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April Little Things

Sunday, 4 May 2014

This is what happens on Easter weekend at my house.
Wow, this month has rushed by! I can't believe it is May! I will be finishing my degree this month, celebrating my Mum and Dad's birthday, handing in my Dissertation, finishing a portfolio and doing 2 exams. I can't wait for summer!

Fave thing in the world. Cherry scones!

Pre-flight gin & tonic.

My boyfriend surprises me, sometimes..

Best quotes ever at a Pub in Camden.

Avocado toast with green juice. LOVE

Spending quality time with my sib.

First ice cream of the year.

Cafe lunch which was pretty perfect!

Sibling smoothie walk.

Nothing better than a take-away wagamamas! (Chicken donburi in case you were wondering..)

Loved this t-shirt in Zara.

Really really want this mug. Perfection.

Exploring Canterbury again.

Best pulled pork sandwich in the world. Pork&Co. in Canterbury.

Cat in the tree?

Mum's gorgeous peonies in bloom.

Faith the Donkey liked eating scones.

Me and Finn-dog.

Best breakfast of the month: corn tortilla, smashed avocado, melted cheese, fried egg, siracha and a big glass of juice. YUM!
I have had a lot of really nice memories, which are keeping me going during my final jump before I finish my degree. A lot of stress will occur in May, but it'll all be worth it for hopefully the best summer ever!

What little things have make you smile in April?
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